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New Year Eve Dinner 2015

Dear Friends and Customers of Basilico International,

We would like to thank you for your support in 2015 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2016!
We hope you will choose us to celebrate new 2016 year.

New Years Eve 2015 with Basilico International

Belly Dancer Dinner

Basilico International took a twist away from Italian Cuisine for a night, to prove true to its International capabilities and hosted a Lebanese Cuisine Evening. A vast array of dishes that truly stimulated tastebuds served over several courses was just as spectacular as the entertainment of the Belly Dancers with their many, many costume changes!

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College Fundraiser Party

It was no surprise that the local Medical University chose their favorite location, Basilico International Bar and Lounge to host a fundraiser. They had a tournament of assorted favorite college party games from Beer Pong, Flip Cups and even Jello Shots! It really was successful fundraiser that everyone enjoyed.

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Heineken Sponsored Event

Heineken of course is a favorite beer on the Dutch island of St. Maarten, so Basilico International was please to host a Heineken Sponsored Event. This was USA World Cup Football match that filled the Bar and Lounge to the max, as Heineken Promo Gals Painted faces, gave away prizes and promoted the discounted price of Heineken Beer Buckets!

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STOLI Bartender’s Challenge

In search of the St. Maarten’s Most Original Bartender, Basilico International hosted the Stoli Bartender’s Challenge. The top bartenders from the best mixology hot spots mixed their way through a series of challenges as they vied to represent their establishment. Competitors furiously shook up colorful cocktails to highlight their creativity, individuality, fine-tuned talents and techniques. The audience happily tasted the intrigue concoctions!

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