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Reservations +1 721 545-3665
  • Restaurant Kitchen Open
  • 4pm – 11pm
  • Fri & Sat 4pm – 12am
  • Bar & Pizzeria
  • from 4pm till …
  • Happy Hour! 4pm – 6pm
  • VISAMasterCard

Reservations +1 721 545-3665

Cozy Ambience

Soft lighting, pleasant music and comfortable sitting create an intimate, charming atmosphere for discussion and gathering; be it executive, cordial or romantic.

Famous Chefs

A fascinating team of chefs make food and drink delightful from start to finish, - a pleasurable dining experience that promises to be memorable.

Amazing Food

An amazing blend of fresh herbs, spices and secret ingredients are combined to create breathtakingly delicious recipes sure to heal the soul.

Excellent Wines

Be treated to over 700 of the finest wines, kept at right temperatures in premium quality chillers for superior quality and taste.

Best Cocktails

Ice, spirit infusions, color, flavor and awesome mixology skills merge to create a host of distinctive highballs and cocktail specialties to complete the Basilico experience.